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Over the course of 150 years, the Home Farm Barn has served many purposes. The original structure was built around 1867, and in 1910 it was added on to become the unique building it is today. Around that time, the property also became a combination horse and dairy farm. The barn served as a home for the horses, and a half-mile race track was erected around the property to train the steeds for harness racing. When our family purchased the barn in 1946, the stables were converted into storage space for cabbage and potatoes alike. From 1950 to1955, the barn served dual purposes as a farm shop and a church camp for children from across the state. Around that same time, both barns were painted white. It wasn't until 1976 they were repainted blue-grey — the same signature shade they are today.


Over time, wear and tear took its toll on the barn. The structure had begun to go downhill - literally. Over the years, the multi-ton building shifted twelve inches down the hillside, causing a noticeable lean in the framework. By 2011, it was in need of extensive repairs. Over the course of a month, the barn was pulled uphill to its original domain and upright position. By the spring of  2017, it was all-hands-on-deck as many skilled craftsmen, friends, and members of our family pitched in to help complete the restoration in time for a June wedding. 


Now, more than 150 years since its original construction, the Home Farm Barn has found new purpose as a place for memories to be made. We can't wait to share this piece of our family's home and history with you and to make it part of your history too. 



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