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What is the total amount required to have an event at the Home Farm Barn?


To have an event at the Home Farm Barn, a total of $8,400 must be paid before the event. This includes a $1,000 security deposit that will be refunded to the couple within 3 weeks after the event pending no damages to the venue.


How much is due when I sign my contract?

In order to reserve the venue, you must submit the $1,000 security deposit and a $1,000 reservation fee.


How does the reservation fee work?


As long as your event takes place as planned, this fee will go toward the $8,400 ($7,400 + $1,000 security deposit) due before the event. If you cancel your event, the reservation fee will not be refunded.


What methods of payment are accepted?


We accept either check or cash. At this time, we do not accept credit card payments.


When is the final payment for the venue due?

The full $8,400 ($7,400 + the $1,000 security deposit) is due 90 days prior to the event.








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